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The Kingdom by Vance D. Russell

Every Christian should desire to be a dedicated saint of God manifesting God’s end time purpose. This book, The Kingdom, presents vital biblical truths and revelation knowledge to enable a Christian to partner with the Kingdom of God.

The Church has entered its third and final Reformation. The truths in this book will enlighten and enable the saints to be the powerful Church of these last days. Apostle Vance Russell presents this vital truth in an understandable way with the simplicity of the gospel and applicable parables like Jesus gave.

This book will awaken and liberate the Church. It will bring transformation to the saints from the worm stage to the butterfly functioning in the heavenlies. Every child of God needs to read this book. It will be an instrument in the hand of God to cause His Kingdom to arise in every nation. These truths will help prepare the way and make ready a people to demonstrate the Kingdom of God so that Christ Jesus can return and establish His Kingdom reign over all the earth. God bless you Apostle Vance for taking the time to make this book available to the body of Christ.

Dr. Bill Hamon
Bishop and Founder of Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN)

Victory at the Gates by Vance D. Russell

“I recently got a chance to preview Apostle Vance Russell’s new book, Victory at the Gates, and it immediately impacted me. Apostle Vance goes beyond the place where most commentators stop when they write about the decline of Christian influence. He offers a fresh scriptural, apostolic and prophetic insight for ordering your personal life and your calling for maximum impact in High Places. Apostle Vance will lift you into a perspective where you will have a fresh strategy to occupy your gates in the spirit and in the natural. An important book.”

Dr. Lance Wallnau
The Lance Learning Group

Victory at the Gates at Arise Ministries